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Parents of young children have their work cut out for them finding safe, age-appropriate toys and activities that help kids explore, learn, and burn energy while indoors visit

But there are a few great games out there that can help teach kids healthy habits and keep them active.

Note: These toys are not “CareSpot endorsed,” nor is CareSpot being compensated in any way for including them in this article. However, they are great starting points for your own toy research — always use your best judgment on what might be ideal for your family, and be sure to monitor children to ensure their safety. Enjoy!

Toys and Games Encouraging Healthy Habits
Crunch A Color: The Healthy Eating Game for Kids (ages 4+):
Endorsed by the likes of Jamie Oliver and Rachael Ray, Crunch A Color makes mealtime into a fun game. Kids earn points for eating balanced meals, trying new foods and displaying good manners.

Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘N Fill (ages 3-7):
Trips to the dentist might be a little easier when your little ones get to brush teeth, use play dental tools, and “fill cavities” at home. If your child associates dental hygiene with fun, it’s a big win. (Does contain small parts, so not suitable for kids under 3)

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