Crypto Scam List

I would find that a bit hard to believe. I rarely share my story with people, not only because it put me at the lowest point ever but because it made me a person of ridicule among family and friends. I put all I had into Binary Options ($690,000) after hearing great testimonies about this new investment strategy. I was made to believe my investment would triple, it started good and I got returns .

Please add Cashbitex from to this scam list. That is the new name and website for the Bitschanger scam. They even share the same database, so if you register on one, you are registered on the other.

Crypto Scam List: 2021 Update is a BIG SCAM. Have lost a lot of money there. They have people on Instagram and Telegram who are trying to make you invest with big profits promises. Hello, i got scammed of usd by a platform named atranding888 ( aka A-trad) and i was curious if i can recover my funds back. Ive contacted somebody that told me he can recover my funds somehow.. But they also ask for money upfront.

The company is registered to a 22 year old in the UK but the admin in the telegram chat said that is the CEO’s assistant. Doing an airdrop but only if you have 50k of their coin. Yes, BareXVip is a scam site and has been added to the scam list.

Scam Company Names That Begin With Numbers

Unfortunately these people have no Hearts. Do your due diligence and just stay away from anything that feels suspicious. • If you don’t deposit more money within half a year, they will start threaten you with “anti-money laundering law” and “deactivation of your account”.

If only I had been heads up to the changed @ address in Twitter. Coinbann is a scam cryptocurrency exchange. It seems to be targetting mostly asia/china users. Been told to invest on it by a “so-called” investment analyst from China.

I think I have been scammed by Chinese. Forgive me, but it sounds a bit suspicious. You found a refund solution professional who aided in retrieving your Cryptocurrency?

If you’d like to add a company to the Crypto scammers list or to report a scam gohere. To add a company to the Crypto scam list or to report a scam gohere. If revolut cryptocurrency wallet you’d like to add a company to the Crypto scammers list or to report a scam go here. To add a company to the Crypto scam list or to report a scam go here.

Stay Clear and if your thinking of investing in a Chines digital coin then don’t. Advert for Chinese Yuan digital coin. The moment you type your cell number they call.They DON’T have or trade the Yuan digital coin but the website Cortextrade .co has a few currencies and a few cryptos to trade. • They will provide you with fake documents as proofs . Fake signatures, fake names, non existent adresses. Be wary of crypto recovery companies.

Trade360 – We are putting together a full review on the Trade360 scam. If you have information to contribute to the Trade360 Review, or if you’ve been scammed by Trade360 please let us know. Report a new scam to be placed on the Crypto scam list here. Anyways, please, stay away from this.

Crypto Scam List

I pray that you will seek out a real way to make money without stealing it from others.

Hello, I have been scammed by The scammer poses as a well-known CEO of a trading company and directs you to bitcoin holders barred from depositing profits in uk banks a trade in legerxcoins (.)com. The account shows your capital and trading funds but ignores your request to withdraw it.

Cryptocurrency is near impossible to recover. No Cysec representative or agent would be commenting with their email address on different posts across the web. Not to mention that the email provided is not a CySec address. Both Atranding888 and that email address extractyourassets are scams. Report a new scam to be placed on the Crypto scam listhere.

Gathered more and involved a couple family members, but I didn’t know I was setting myself up for the kill, in less than no time all we had put ($820,000) was gone. I’ll never forget this and would like to spread awareness. If you’ve submitted a form, we can look into your case.

Global Trading Options Globaltradingoptions Com Scam

I have made a search on the domain, it has been created on the 30th of March 2021 and on its website it says they are seven years old. Below is a list of websites and trading companies involved in fraudulent activities vechain cyprus using cryptocurrency. It includes Bitcoin scams, Cryptocurrency scams, fake ICO’s as well as Forex crypto scams and other trading companies that are involved in fraudulent activities using cryptocurrency.

They will make you join binance and then transfer litecoin to a wallet on coinbann. You can see buy/sell trades happening on the website. But when you wish to withdraw your capital, they will tell you to wait for 30th June 2021 when the platform will be officially listed.

Cryptocurrency Scam List

All of the graphics and web interface is also identical. Yes, unfortunately Globalcryptotrade24 is a scam. If you were fortunate enough to pay by credit card, you should speak to your credit card company about disputing the charges.

I asked again and they told me to pay $4500. I don’t have any more money to send them to get my money. I have been back and forth in email with them for the past two days. They just keep saying pay $4500 and your funds will be released.

If I try to pull BTC or ETH to another wallet,It demands 10% of the holding amount as a commission. When I pay for it and operate the withdrawal, the message “Waiting for review” appears and I can’t do anything from there. I’m inquiring by email, but I haven’t heard back for a few weeks. Please do NOT make any investment at smartchoicelegitimatefx and watched out for the scammer Jason Thomas who falsely claims to be part of the company Smart Choice Legitimate FX.

Any suspicious broker or trading platform or online investment, any issues with them from the past or present, investment loss and all. Report to IVT cysec (dimitru at ivtcysec-recovery,tech). We have seen cases where individuals were able to recover their lost funds, but these situations are rare.

Can you check into bitdaypro Joe Perys Or someone claiming to be him is pushing me to invest in stocks/crypto there, I now have a verified account there but have not linked card to it yet. I am not sure about the site due to it only offering a couple things in each area listed. This is the same as shibdrop and I should have known this was a scam.

Crypto Scam List: 2022 Update

If your funds were sent using cryptocurrency, in most cases the best that can be done is to pursue the individual through legal means. If you are having difficulty going through the scam reporting process contact us here and we’ll help walk you through the process. PrimeForex is not a licensed or legitimate broker.