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In the year 2006, the US and Mexico launched a crackdown on the drug cartels and corporations thus escalating the degrees of conflicts on these illegal businesses.

(Foley four). The outcomes of these conflicts, however, are that tens of hundreds of men and women in drug-connected cases were being killed. The US has invested equally economically and intelligence in Mexico as an hard work to combat the menace. (Foley 4-5).

The primary intention of these wars has been to suppress the circulation of illicit medicine into the US. Analysts have identified discrepancies in the moves by https://www.reddit.com/r/CertifiedWriters/comments/qmgib5/reddit_essay_writing_service/ the US and have termed the initiatives fruitless. (Foley five).

They have hence proposed that there really should be new approaches to addressing the situation of drug trafficking inside of the Latin American nations around the world. Strategies for the FuturernAs significantly as there have been considerable investments by governments of the US and the rest of the Latin The usa to battle illicit medicines, there is however a significant inflow of narcotics into the US. (Gomez 354). Anti-narcotic guidelines and initiatives have not yet yielded the anticipated effects and hence substantially still have to have to be finished by all the governments, evidently, adjust of practices on how this menace is tackled.

(Gomez 355). Leaders in all the counties stay optimistic that success will when be obtained on the war.

There have been numerous bilateral agreements concerning the US and the rest of the Latin American nations about war on narcotics and it is expected that these agreements will yield good final results. (Gomez 358). Even so, there is however a significant danger emanating from the countries which have refused to criminalize specified medication and are resisting pressures from the US to enact legislation which criminalize manufacturing and processing of illicit medicine example are Bolivia and Guatemala.

ConclusionrnIt is crystal clear from stories and studies that even with all the endeavours being applied by the US to conclusion the trouble of drug abuse, there are several impediments which are countering the endeavours. It is prudent to say therefore that the US should resort to other means of addressing the trouble of drug trafficking equally within just its borders and the outdoors environment. It is arguable that there is no position of US preventing manufacturing of marijuana in other nations nonetheless there are several states inside of its jurisdiction which have legalized the herb for medical uses. It is pointless to use cannabis for medical functions if there are option drugs which can be utilised in put of cannabis. The ways to battling these prescription drugs want to be revised if the war is to be won quickly.

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