About Us

A team of enthusiasts working to change the way of Gifting. Not only to people you love but To yourself as well. People are getting depressed and having a lot of anxiety these days and we are here to solve it just by giving a spice of Self love in their life by the means of Self Gifting. Unlike other Mystery box companies That earlier existed in USA and Canada, we are changing the way. They sell products at any cost and send anything. By this I mean, If The sites are charging $10 for box, There is a hight possibility that you will get the product worth not more than $2-$3. Now we are replacing this and making it more exciting. How? We will give products for the same worth of the products in market or the worth of product can be more. For example if a customer pays $100 for a product, It is assured that he will get the product worth $100 but not just this. There is a possibility that the customer will get the product worth more than $1000 by paying just $100.